Chuyển đổi sang WEBM trực tuyến

Bộ chuyển đổi trực tuyến để chuyển tất cả các loại video và các tệp khác thành video WEBM. Chuyển đổi từ MP4 sang WEBM, MOV sang WEBM, v.v.

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What is WEBM and why would you want to turn your videos into WEBM? There are several good reasons for that. First of all, WEBM is a completely royalty-free video format, which means that many people can work with it and introduce improvements. Secondly, WEBM is a video format that is supported by many browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox for seamless video playback.

It is widely used for all kinds of HTML5-video-players, for example by Skype, Nintendo, Logitech and more! If you want to use your video online, for streaming or better support, consider converting to WEBM.